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Originally Posted by rabernet View Post
Are you aware about this part of Obamacare when it comes to pre-existing conditions? It's part of the plan that Pelosi said we'd just have to learn about after it passed.

I am lower middle class. I am fiscally conservative - and what's happening now, is not surprising. Obama's house of cards is beginning to fall down all around him. I happen to NOT view big business as evil or greedy. They are the job makers. Why WOULDN'T they take their business elsewhere when Obama has made it so hostile for them?

I applaud what the Denny's owner, Papa Johns, Applebee's et al is doing. Those who voted for Obama this time around for their "free ride" (and his creation of even more people dependent on government was really quite brilliant for his re-election), really need to SEE the impact of what Obamacare and this Administration is really costing us. Of course, it will be spun by the media (love that ABC was laughing about the loss of 18,500 jobs this morning with the announcement of the closure of Hostess - but I regress) that these businesses are evil. Who's going to be evil and at fault when the unemployment rate climbs higher and higher? Oh right - Bush...keep forgetting everything is his fault......

Here are two articles that articulate how I feel very well.

Politics: Left goes bonkers as ObamaCare actually starts destroying jobs | CainTV

Politics: Denny's adding a 5% Obamacare surcharge - and everyone else should do the same | CainTV
I have said this before, I think placing the full, ridiculously high cost of American healthcare onto employers is a shitty idea.

However, if one claims to be fiscally conservative and knows their stuff, by rights they should support Universal Healthcare (=/= obamacare btw). It basically costs everyone a lot less as its far more efficient. If the healthcare system that exists in Germany was enacted right now in America, with the same efficiencies, and with the federal government giving states a responsibility to negotiate with insurers as happens in DE, the about 70-80% of American health spend would be covered by what the federal and state governments spend right now. And businesses and individuals would have a massive burden lifted off their shoulders.
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