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Originally Posted by argedion View Post
I'm fighting sickness and I hear the death of Twinkies wth is that about??? seriously an american tradition and they going to hang it up just like that I think they should be shot and just for giggles shoot them again
Oh nooo! you not feeling well? Looks like we are going to have a nasty winter of colds and flus this season! i have a nasty soar throat and inner right ear! What are you currently fighting off and what home remedies are you trying?

Yes, its troooo! and for "schicks-n-grinns" I'l give'em what fer!
WHEN will these companies learn you dont mess with tradition!
Twinkies is a part my famile! shooot, its my big brother!

TSK! Messing with a tradition as old as the generations that grew up on these!

I am madd!
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