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Originally Posted by jerofld View Post
I read a news article that stated that Hostess has filed for bankruptcy twice since the early 2000's. It looks like they're throwing in the towel, now.

So the blame can't rest squarely on the unions (specifically the Bakers' union) as it sounds like this company hasn't been managed effectively. Although the unions are going to get the most of the blame, and maybe unjustly so. I'm sure the top execs gave themselves very large bonuses and pay raises. But the unions did ask for too much. So it was a case of mutually assured destruction and greed rules the day.
The blame for them finally going under can be 100% put on the BCTGM. Yes they were in trouble before but the Teamsters agree to pay-cuts in order to help Hostess survive and rebuild. If the BCTGM had agreed to the same deal then they wouldn't be in this mess.

If you are throwing around blame for Hostess getting into the mess from the beginning then of course you can blame management some but management didn't cause this last issue.
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