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I wouldn't count on Monday ...

I tried to call the toll-free play store customer support number but ran headfirst into the message "wait time is greater than 30 minutes" followed by obnoxious music and a repeating message "weíre currently experiencing very high call volume. For faster answers, please visit" The problem is that I visited the support site two days ago and sent an email requesting a status update to which I have yet to receive any response at all, let alone any answers.

So I decided to wait on hold and be tortured by the music and the message. Finally after 25 minutes (at least it wasnít 30, right?) I speak with a customer service agent named Shawn. It went something like this after the initial exchange of contact info:

Shawn: What may I help you with today?

Me: Guess why Iím calling?

Shawn: (dead air)

Me: Iím calling to check on the status of my N4 and N7 order.

Shawn: Did you say "guess why Iím calling" before? Because thatís what I totally was going to guess.

Me: Iím sure youíve heard that a lot recently.

Shawn: Let me check that for you Ö (seconds pass) Ö have you received any kind of notification?

Me: Not a peep.

Shawn: I know there were some customers who received email notifications about being placed on backorder, but if you didnít get that then your order will be shipping soon. You should receive your order by Wednesday or Friday because of the holiday. I know it isnít the 2-day shipping that we promised so Iím going to go ahead and put a note on your order to refund the shipping charge. You should receive an update with tracking information Monday.

Me: Iím not so concerned with the N4 as I am the N7 since that was a gift for someone.

Shawn: Would you mind if I put you on hold while I see if we can (mumble mumble mumble) the N7?

Me: I didnít catch all of that, but I can wait.

Shawn: *click*

Note to Google customer service team leaders Ö please hold a refresher meeting on phone procedure, specifically "hold" and "hang up" are not the same thing.

Itís unfortunate that they have taken what could have been an image building marketing success and are now forced to deal with damage control.
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