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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
Again, they are not more efficient. Your argument that they can provide more services for less money is right. But they only reason they can do this is because they operate at a loss. It's not a sustainable long term model.
The healthcare system of Germany does not operate at a loss. The Japanese one does, but that doesnt make a big difference to health spending in practice.

Look at the statistics. Address them. Please.

Originally Posted by kevincott View Post
If the Government actually improves efficiency, what really happens?

Medicine will lose the best and brightest students to other fields. The sharpest people will want to make more money wherever it lies and doctors as a whole will be B to C+ type students.

Is this what you want, your life dependent on 'above average' students?
Thats the way it is in my country, and we have a life expectancy far better than America's, despite smoking and drinking much more.
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