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The notion that Android can only ever be and do one thing, as though it's a single proprietary hardware-specific entity annoys me. There have been at least a dozen or so game tablets released within the past year or two, and that's not even counting Sony's Xperia Play or adapters such as the iControlPad, Gameklip, or Gametel controller, yet people continue to insist that mobile gaming "won't work" because of the simplicity and lack of buttons.

Of course, upon being presented with obvious evidence of Android game systems, controller adapters, and demanding mobile games such as Horn, the response is always the same red herring "but how much will it sell?", never mind that mobile in general is far ahead of 3DS or Vita in that regard, or that handhelds, much like mobile, also began with simple games such as Tetris being the most popular.
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