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An old iPod Classic 6th gen that was an 80 GB that I swapped the dead hard drive out for 120 GB one because it was cheaper to replace (surprising that an Apple product had no problem with that).

Its mainly used in my car since my car radio integrates much better with iDevices and as an external hard drive.

I used to own an iPod Video 30 GB (which I gave to my grandfather) and an iPod Touch 2G (which I gave to my mother, before Verizon had iPhones). I was iDevice-less for almost 2 years, until my friend gave me his "dead" 6th gen Classic which I fixed.

I might be getting a MacBook Pro from my university next year as well as a lease system. I've never used Mac OSX before, so that will be interesting. I will run Windows 8 in a virtual machine or in Bootcamp, so I won't worry about that.
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