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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
It should have been in the discounted section.

Food does last well past the best by date.
The cold must have done something to the yeast or another ingredient. Or it could have been defrosted and refrozen. Someone took it out of the freezer and left it on another shelf somewhere and a store employee put it back in the freezer.
Wasn't sourdough was it?

Here's a blurb from WebMD:
Do Food Expiration Dates Really Matter?
The "best by" date does seem to matter with these (probably baking powder leavening, Southern-style buttermilk biscuits). Could have been bad handling, but the date issue is also a problem for me, since it seems the store should be more on top of these things. When a grocery store (with the word Food in its name) isn't handling their frozen foods as well as Target does, IMO something's not right.
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