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Default Find Battery Hogs - PowerAmp Service? Carat, Task Manager, JuiceDefender

Had my HTC One X+ for a day now. First Droid phone coming from iOS. Figuring out how everything works. The thing gets pretty hot sometimes, and usually it's because of the app I'm running but sometimes it's something running in the background.

I downloaded both Carat and JuiceDefender Plus. Carat listed a Battery Percentage meter app I downloaded as a "Hog" (30m savings) but that was it. Removed that and seemed to help (and also found out PowerToggles did the Battery Percentage - once I enabled it.) But Carat needs a few more days I guess to give me more info. It's nice that Carat doesn't seem to effect battery life.

When the phone was hot and I wasn't doing much, I watched Battery go from 85-65 in about 30 minutes! I went into Carat and saw high CPU, but you can't see from Carat what is eating the CPU so downloaded Android Task Manager, great app. Used realtime processes report. Of course #1 CPU eater is the Process Monitor (only when you are looking at it). But I was seeing the PowerAmp "Service", "Music Enhancer" and "Sound Set" all combining for another 20-30% CPU at times but was not using PowerAmp!

Also saw HD Themes using CPU and I was not using the app nor have I used any of the widgets yet.

Is there something other than carat that will give me an average CPU usage say in the last hour of all the background services and processes so I can determine what's eating the battery?

It looks like from a brief search PowerAmp service is normal. I have a HUGE MP3 library of 3000 songs I just synced yesterday - is gradually processing them or something? I also downloaded Neutron Player. Both have excellent sound quality but the Neutron interface is geeky - PowerAmp more like iTunes but I'm an Audiophile so if I have to go to Neutron to avoid this PowerAmp "Service" from eating my battery from time to time I will.
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