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Well, if you have been reading the ACMEInstaller3 and How to install CM10(by RolandDeschain79) threads in the Rootzwiki HP TouchPad forum, you've seen a lot of discussion about folks having issues using ACME3, myself included. The Reader's Digest version is this, developer Green advised that using cwm to install(flash) a nightly or format the /data and /system partitions, introduces corruption into the file system. He flat out stated that he avoids using cwm for that reason. We are not so sure if twrp does the same thing. I tested twrp by installing a nightly over a clean install and then updating again using ACME3 and did not get the 15 minutes of inode errors scrolling up the screen. Until this is all sorted out, I would suggest that once you get your CM install cleaned up by uninstalling via ACMEUninstaller and using ACME3 to install CM9 or 10, that you use ACME3 to install any further nightly updates. It's only when updating a nightly that the damage is done. Installing Gapps or other flashable zips does not format the /system partition, so using cwm or twrp for this Green advises is safe.

Most of you already have your PC setup to run ACMEInstallers and the uninstaller, so it's not a big leap to use that instead of cwm to install a nightly. Roland and I have been testing the process and it does it's job very nicely. If you are absolutely terrified of using ACME3 for routine installing of a nightly, I would recommend you use twrp rather than cwm. Just keep in mind that backups made using cwm are not compatible with twrp and older backups made with twrp are not compatible with the newest version of twrp, version 3.2.1.

This is where we are at right now. Roland or myself will keep you posted on the latest developments.
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