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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
No, your idea of bringing the price down by (ideally) having a system run entirely by the government is beyond ridiculous. I'm still waiting to hear your arguments about how the VA system (entirely run by the government) is so good.
Well, while I would like my countries healthcare system to be largely government run like the NHS (and I guess it is, but it is heavily two tier, 50/50 split of no insurance to insurance, should be more like 90/10), but as I said, I think government run healthcare is impractical for nigh on all US states.

If you had read my posts, you would see me saying that in the US, governments should negotiate with insurers and the healthcare industry, set targets and levels of care, etc. The government would not own hospitals. It would not pay nurses or doctors. But it would insure everyone had cheap efficient insurance.

I really have no idea about the VA. I don't think its really practical for a government run healthcare system with low use to exist across the US. Veterans should just have Universal Healthcare like everyone else, throw in free orthodontistry for their kids of something.
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