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Originally Posted by Apoplectic1 View Post

...and that has absolutely nothing to do with Europeans typically having a much better diet than Americans does it?
Well our mildly better diet helps up the life expectancy, but as I said, drinking and smoking are way higher here

Originally Posted by Apoplectic1 View Post

Unfortunately increasing taxes can have an inverse relationship with productivity. Raise taxes too much, productivity goes way down. Ever hear of the Laffer Curve?

Productivity down = inefficiency.
I have heard of it, but thats not really relevant. You could provide healthcare for all without increasing the deficit (although less spending would result in less tax revenues and thus a higher deficit, and 6-8 of the US economy would disappear)
Originally Posted by Apoplectic1 View Post
That's just it, does the government have the right to force people to buy anything? Am I the only person who that seems completely oppressive to?
Well its healthcare.. health is a right. Its not my fault I am predisposed to cancer or Alzheimers or high cholesterol, or that kids are born with illnesses.

Originally Posted by Apoplectic1 View Post

Whether or not people are healthy (whether or not their state of unhealth is self imposed or not) should not be the governments concern.
Why should it not? The government is there for the betterment and protection of the people. If this was not the case we would all be impoverished and likely dead.

Anywaaaaay, heres an interesting article with some fun facts and figures. Interesting to see some of the problems European countries have (Although they obviously pale in comparison when compared to the US):

Six out of every seven doctors agree: Our health-care system doesn’t work
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