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1- iPod photo 30Gb
2 - iPod classics - 60Gb
2 - iPod classics - 160Gb
1 - iPod Touch 1G - 16Gb
1 - iPod Touch 4G - 64Gb
1 - iPod Nano 2G - 8Gb
1 - iPod Nano 3G - 8Gb
1 - iPod Nano 4G - 16Gb
1 - iPod Nano 6G - 16Gb (got free when I turned in a 1G Nano through
Apple's defect trade-in program)

I sort of collect 'em. As music players they work great. I have one of the 160's in the car that just streams randomly all the time.

I bought the 4G touch because I was curious about Apple's latest offerings and because I couldn't bring myself to buy an iPhone.

One of the biggest reasons I have the larger classics is because they can hold my entire music collection. Something that Android hasn't come close to doing.

Hell, I even have a couple of Zune classics lying around somewhere...
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