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Originally Posted by PeteCress View Post
I guess it depends on the requirements.

After making the mistake of "Upgrading" to IOS6, I went ballistic when I saw that they'd separated podcasts into their own app.

For one, it took away the ability to create a playlist of podcasts - which I was in the habit of doing before taking a 2-3 hour trip.

The whole thing smacked to me of a new direction at Apple: doing things for marketing reasons without insisting on a corresonding improvement in the user experience.

FWIW, I recently discovered that once one deletes the "PodCast" app the "Music" app resumes it's role in managing/presenting podcasts.
I also went ballastic when I upgraded to iOS6, but it was because they removed the Youtube app. I don't use playlists, so it bother me, I actually found it more convenient to switch between the catalog and the library in the stand alone app.
I'm glad you figured out how to get it back to the way wanted it.

Well, I'm stuck now because my wife wants the iPad for herself, and i don't know of anything on Android that can compare in terms of a Podcast app.
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