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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
It's not a privilige any more than owning a car is a privelige. Someone has to pay for it. Asking those who benefit the least to bear the burden and those who benefit the most pay nothing is crap. If the feds want to implement their own insurance program and they can operate it to either break even or make money, then I have no objection to it. Let people choose between that plan and the other plans that are out there.

Requiring that everyone purchase health insurance is crap. Requiring that employers bear the burden is crap as well.
In a way you're right. This is similar to our public school system. It is a complete disaster now days, anyway. Alot of the kids coming from elementry schools can barely read/write. I think the USA is way below other western nations school kids level.

I know alot of single and couples without kids do not like paying taxes to their local school taxing district. Why should they have to pay if they don't have kids going to them? Why should tax payers who are against foreign wars have to have their tax money used for that purpose? The list can go even further.

Just some thoughts!
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