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Originally Posted by Orang3Mango View Post
Ok so I just rooted my phone tonight (11/18/12) I've had my phone for about 4 months and have been looking into rooting it since I got it, I have the red samsung admire. I rooted it and downloaded "WiFi Tether for root users" by "Muller, Lemons, Buxton" and "Build Prop Editor" by "JRummy Apps Inc." Every time I try to edit the build.prop and it just changes back. What I get looks like this
Property Name: ro.teather.denied
Property vale: True
Default value: True (Drop down meue: True or False)
I can edit the Property name and value and the defauld value but when I change it and reboot it just resets to the true and true after I change it to false and false.
Is there and apps I should use or anything I should change, I am having a hard time trying to wifi tether. Any help would be good, I've read everything and what I understand is I change that and it should work but it wont change.
Try Open Android by Spz0. It has built in wifi tether that works

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