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Originally Posted by mibs View Post
I'm on my 3rd time playing Skyrim. My PS3 died during my first game, had to wipe it and start over, died again and had to send it in. I'm playing the same kind of character, but I haven't touched the main quest yet. I guess the game is all what you make it and the kind of story you build yourself. My character is a heavy drinker this play through because by this point she's seen all this craziness play out 3 times. My house is full of mead and ale and no furniture. Lydia keeps my secret. lol

The Companions are my favorite faction, felt so bad about the whole Kodlack thing. Dark Brotherhood is fun too, but I liked it better in Oblivion. Thieves guild is pretty awesome as well, I like the Nightingales aspect and that armor is BA.
Haha yeah, Im just the opposite, I done the main quest and started the side. Not the spoil anything for you but at the end you get a pretty AWESOME should which allows you to have some help in whatever you want (not saying exactly what /who it is I don't want to ruin things for you! )
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