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Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
There are far worse songs. I DARE you to listen to this one.
If you thought Rebecca Black's Friday was bad, this one will have you reaching for a knife in no time.

I noticed that song in an article the last week and watched it. It is really bad also!

Originally Posted by Copacetic View Post
Morning folks! Haha Anti, I am with you on that one. I am really not at all into the music scene. I had to google Gangnam style, lol. Admittedly, we listen to talk radio in the car almost all the time, I forget their is music in that radio as well. Happy thanksgiving week all!
I don't listen to the radio unless I have my nieces or nephew with me. My mp3 player is always plugged in. I used to listen to talk radio a lot: Mike n Mike in the Morning, Bob and Tom, Colin Cowherd, Rush Limbaugh

Originally Posted by Granite1 View Post
"mornin fools!

I didn't watch a single second of the Stillers game last night. Guess I missed an awesome show.

@ Halon, was in Altoona on Saturday doing some insuance claims. Dood, here's a trip down memory lane. Back in the days, like early 90's we used to drive out there to a place called Kids Mountain to ride in the skateboard park. I loved that place, and it's not there anymore. I checked on Saturday, it's gone, LOL.

I never thought someone from the forums would be in Altoona? Such a wonderful city! LOL I would rather be in Pittsburgh. It would be nice to get transferred there but with company stock going down recently mostly because of coal I wouldn't have as much protection under me in Pittsburgh as I do here and by that I mean the number of people that hired after me; the more the better. I still want to see if it is possible to transfer.
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