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Originally Posted by saptech View Post
It's a different mindset than say Cuba, where health care is a right, a national imperative and something that every Cuban naturally expects. Here in the U.S., health care is a privilege based on what type of money you have.
Ah go away with your Cuba. Health is a right in pretty much every developed country. Its part of UN agreements etc (which the US opted out of). Health being a right is why we ban carcinogenics and provide healthcare. Sure people are free to make themselves unhealthy, but they are likewise free to make themselves unfree or make themselves uneducated if they are so strongly inclined. Does not stop education or freedom being essential rights.

Originally Posted by saptech View Post
In a way you're right. This is similar to our public school system. It is a complete disaster now days, anyway. Alot of the kids coming from elementry schools can barely read/write. I think the USA is way below other western nations school kids level.

I know alot of single and couples without kids do not like paying taxes to their local school taxing district. Why should they have to pay if they don't have kids going to them? Why should tax payers who are against foreign wars have to have their tax money used for that purpose? The list can go even further.

Just some thoughts!
I think the US educational system is very unequal. Realistically education should be funded by state taxation, local government should have nothing to do with education.

Originally Posted by Apoplectic1 View Post
This. Health is a personal responsibility, not a right.

The whole point of government is to govern, nothing more or less. The betterment of the people is up to the people themselves.
a) Health is a right in most places. Obviously rights depend on laws etc. Anyway Catholic and Protestant churches and all sorts of organisations are with me on that front.

b) The betterment of the people is an essential part of governance. To achieve progress. To increase economic output. To increase scientific and research advancements. If betterment of the people was not a part of governing we would still be in the 1800s.
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