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After waiting over a year for the Note, because I am a VZW user, AT&T is arriving at more areas close to me and I am tempted to switch. Already, if you can believe the coverage maps, my area in South FL (Delray-Boynton) is better covered by AT&T LTE than VZW. In my area on Long Island, there is no LTE but the dark blue edge is about 7 miles west from me. Problem is, how do you know how good the signal is even at the edge of the LTE best coverage without knowing where and how powerful the cell is?

You all want the Note 2 on day 1. I've been waiting since September 2011 & I wonder if the carriers and or Samsung will have special deals because they all are in huge competition. We need an S3 for my wife and a Note 2 for me. I can wait till December after waiting 14 months. What do you all suspect will happen? When we got our BB Storm 2s we got 2 for the price of 1. With new generations of phones changing every 6 months, who wants to pay $300 for a phone?

Final thought is, I think I am better off switch to AT&T from VZW first and if the signal and phone reception is no good, come back to VZW. If I go to VZW for an upgrade and then cancel it, I will have a huge billing problem as they will bill me $350 for returning a phone early, as they did once before. They do what they can to not remove these charges or do them right in the first place.
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