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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
Not really. Again, in Bavaria or Switzerland it will be private hospitals providing
your healthcare, in England & Wales public hospitals, but the difference is far from big.
Still a huge difference. A private healthcare system can't force me to give money to it. That is where the difference is. It relies purely on the donations of like minded individuals. If you believe that healthcare for those who either cannot or do not purchase insurance is extremely important and you are willing to donate your money/time to that cause I have no problems with that at all. If you want to give everything you earn to that cause, knock yourself out. It's your money and no one's coercing you to give it. That is where the difference is. Also, you have the choice to support just the organizations who provide the care the way you think it should be provided according to the criteria you like. Huge difference.

I was more on about the betterment of society. For example, a space program, medical research, healthcare and education, environmental research and legislation, etc. The government does not necessarily have to provide or do these things directly, but it certainly has to push them and ensure them.
Well, our government disagrees with you on the space program as they have severely cut NASA's funding (and some of it NASA brought on itself due to it's own incompetence and lack of foresight) and shifted a lot of the research on space into the responsibility of the private sector. Medical research is funded by drug companies looking to make a buck. Our public education system is even more of a joke than our healthcare system. So much for the feds running that. And, as stated before, there is a difference between promoting something and taking steps to make sure it happens. That is where the government oversteps its bounds.
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