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Originally Posted by Kamau View Post
Here's a related question then.
If you could, would you travel forward or backward in time, and what would you do?
WOW . . . how tempting it would be to avoid the mistakes. Then again, perhaps the mistakes you made in the past...despite how bad they were... made you what you are today.

That is the trouble with TT. One must be very careful. Reference: the often cited Butterfly Effect.

I would go back in time and buy better shoes; these are killing me.

As for the future, I might toss caution to the wind and travel 12,000 years out. But that presents a problem: suppose the earth is a giant cinder or one of Justin Bieber's relatives is the Planetary King? I hope we can get a DVD before we depart.

If we progress, give up the bickering and BS and let people shine, we would see some amazing tech. Or people learn in 2307 that tech and the web are killing us so all tech is banned and we all live in harmony with nature or some silly thing like that.

So . . . if I can go to the future, I vote for 12,000 or so.

If in the past, I want to hunt the extinct Snuffleopolis and marry me a cave woman. Perhaps invent the wheel in my spare time.
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