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Originally Posted by ben1991 View Post
Hi Guys,

Bit of a newbie here, I've looked through your forums and others, but pretty sure I've not come across the same problem I'm experiencing.

Basically my HTC won't start up, you press the power button and all you will get is the HTC logo, and sometimes it will just continuously restart but always get stuck on the same HTC logo startup screen.

I've not rooted or even attempted to mess around with any of the software/firmware, etc. So it can't be anything to do with that.

I've attempted to factory reset and recover the device through the android screen that you can get through holding down the volume button, but none of this has worked either.

I've had the phone for about 2 years, with no problems until now. I believe the version of android is 2.2 or 2.3. Not 100% sure though.

Can anyone help me???


Originally Posted by greenwood03 View Post
watching this with interest as my HD did a software update friday and niow is stuck in what i believe is the 'boot loop'''with just teh HTC logo. Tried the recovery liek you but its not having any of spent hours trying to understand hiow teh heck one does a refresh etc of the RUU which i gather is the way forward.....
definately try granites advice above.

if you are still not booting afterward, a couple of questions:

1)you are stable in the hboot screen(white,colored letters), correct?

2) are either of you experiencing 7 short vibrations when trying to boot?

the next step in attempting recovery would be to try and run an RUU to relfash factory software. since you are unrooted,and unmodified we will need to try and find a compatible ruu to run,since the phone will be doing several security checks.

if you can do the following,and post back the output,we can try and find the correct ruus for you to run.
first download and install these drivers: revolutionary drivers

then,download this small file:

-unzip it,and place the unzipped folder onto the root of your C drive(not inside a folder)

-open a cmd window(with win 7,click start bubble,type "command" or "cmd" in hte search box)

-now change to your mini-adb directory(assuming you didnt chagne the name). type in the black cmd window that opened on your PC:
cd c:\mini-adb

-pull the battery in your phone for a few seconds. hold volume down,then power. hold them both until you see the white/colored writing hboot screen

-select "fastboot" from the hboot menu with the vol rocker/power button

-in your cmd window type:
fastboot devices

it should output your phones serial number. if so youre good to go. if not,youre apparently having a driver issue. i usually recomend these drivers from Revolutionary: modified htc drivers download and install the drivers(you should just have to run that file). afterwards,unplug your phone,plug it back in. make sure its in fastboot. as soon as you get a result from "fastboot devices" your ready to procede to the next step.

-in your cmd window,type(or copy/paste,is much easier):
fastboot getvar all

-copy the info that outputs here. right click in your cmd window,click mark,highlight it all in white. hit enter. paste the info here. it will help us know which ruu for you to run.
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