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Originally Posted by techrider62 View Post
I wonder how many people bought them just to sell and the poor people that couldn't get one because they ran out.Greed it's a sad thing.
Not me man ... I'm the last greedy person! However for the price, it's just one of those things I couldn't turn down.

Reason being...and some will understand, and some won't ! I'm an Android enthusiast through and through...I've always backed Google and Android to the fullest extent.

However, after being part of the Nexus 4 buying fiasco, something dawned on me, Google doesn't give a crap about us! Not a single world from them on how poor this release was handled, nothing, not a single peep! It's as if this is normal to them. So as I sat there and waited a few days for something, anything that would tell me my order was in fact coming, something dawned on me...what happens if I have a real problem with this phone, would if something goes wrong, would if I drop it and crack the glass, etc? If it was this crazy just getting it, just imagine the whole other world of getting help when help is needed.

If my GS3 acts up, or I need a replacement, I just dial at&t! If my iphone 5 goes down for some reason, I just make a Genius Bar appt and visit an Apple store. But with the N4 I don't even want to think about what the protocol will be for help with the device.
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