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Originally Posted by Stigy View Post
Good morning everyone - not sure when we discuss bonuses or what not for the year, fingers crossed on that one. would be a real nice way to end the year.

Trying to decide if I want to come into the office on Friday since the markets are only open for a half-day (until 1PM). Hoping by the time I decide someone just tells me to work from home instead.
Our potential bonuses are set in stone at the beginning of the year. We can potentially get 5% of our salary but in order to get that, the company as a whole and our site has to do well and meet our performance metrics. If we don't, we get percentage points knocked off. This year the company found a way to do well even with reduced sales and revenue. The site had a really good year as well.

Maybe they will find a little extra cash layin around for you guys Stig I'll most likely be working all week, including Saturday. Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving days off!
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