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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
So if you bring secrets from the future and use them, you're going to butterfly effect the future and things may not go as you planned.

As for changing history, I've done it all my life, no big deal.

That brings up an interesting point. How much money could you make on extortion? Gimme a suitcase of cash or I'll go back and prevent your parents from meeting.

Pretty soon everyone would be after you but you could just hide in time.
Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
"Cant do much damage with that..." is just what they say in all time travel movies and we all know what happens in the TT movies. Dr. Who has to bail the planet out of trouble.

How do you know the tech you reverse engineer was not destined to be reverse engineered by you in the first place? I can't parse TT thinking because so many what-ifs and "suppose I do this or that's" arise.

yes.. from my point of view (which is the only one that counts).

i am changing the future.. which has not been written in stone...
billions of paths lie ahead.. but only one is behind us.
I am choosing the path that my present self will take...

and since it COULD be that I was destined to "invent" these things any ways.. "it all good!"

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