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Originally Posted by chanchan05 View Post
HTC One X. Although the S3 you tried out was pretty behind in terms of updates. JB has been rolling outbfor international S3's with an incredible performance and smoothness boost. Although also problems with demo phones is that people tend to leave a lot of games running in the background.
Thanks, is that the one X or the one X+ that you're suggesting?

Originally Posted by Ingenieur7 View Post
Best options:

1. LG Nexus 4 - your best best option. Great screen, buttery smooth UI which is smoother than SGS3 and HTC One X and the software is excellent. No microSD.
2. Samsung Galaxy S3 - your next best option. Extremely smooth, excellent software and no lag, no bugs. Has microSD.
3. HTC One X - arguably the best screen. Not as smooth and has some bugs and hiccups which can get very annoying. No microSD
4. LG Optimus G - great screen. Smoother than HTC One X but software is bad. Has microSD.

Worst options:

Sony Xperia (heard it's very crap because of bugs and software updates are non-existent after ICS). No microSD and the camera is crap for the amount of MP it offers. Actually one of the worst cameras I've used on a phone.
How bad is the SW on the Optimus g? The 2 things that had me on that phone was the SD slot and screen. I'd go for a nexus 4 but the storage limitation is bad, I have no access to a pc to back anything up for quite a while but not missing any updates and android 4.2 is appealing - but storage is an issue. My 16GB iPhone is full now so storage is a must.
I could probably live with the super AMOLED screen but wouldn't like it and the blue tint to the whites and oversaturated colors would get to me after a while. If it wasn't for that screen, I'd have already gotten it.

I haven't looked into the HTC one X+ much, the last HTC phone I had (when they were new) was SLOW and the keyboard was a nightmare lol - THE reason I want to an iPhone (smoothness of OS and ease of typing more than anything else).

Thanks for the replies guys.


I think the note 2 is the only phablet that I'd compromise on the screen for, seems to be getting stellar reviews, but holding that thing to your ear lol...I don't know. Guess it couldn't be any worse than when brick cell phones were introduced.
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