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Originally Posted by greenwood03 View Post
guys i'll trawl the net as best i can, but to save going off in the wrong direction i believe the '161' element refers to the fact\ that the RUU is UK we'relooking for an RUU that has the 161 part AND is the same version 3.13. ''161'' .5 or 'higher' - which part denotes higher/newer? the .5 or the 3.13?

Scotty....if all does fail would welcome some step by step pointers. i dont have easy access to another 'droid' based phone, so if a work around is indeed required ideally would prefer to avoid teh ghold card\ method, even if it means a couple of steps: regressing and then perhaps starting afresh once the phone is working.
Anything with 161 in the build number could be utilitized,and we can check any vodaphone labled ruus
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