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Originally Posted by Fox Mulder View Post
If you are connected to a wifi network, it will stream over wifi. Same for other data-using apps, they will use the network you are connected to at the time whether it's the cell network or wifi.
You can also go into the Data Usage menu under Settings and turn on "Limit mobile data usage". Then you can select from the list of individual apps that are shown underneath the data usage graph and check the box for "Restrict background data". If you do this for TuneIn, and only open the app when you are connected to wifi and never when connected to the cellular network, it should not use any of your data plan.
Note the above settings are available in ICS, they may not be there if you have an older version of Android.
And as mentioned above, when you are on wifi you can select the setting to completely disable mobile data, this should ensure that no cellular data can be used. However you will then have to manually re-enable it after disconnecting from the wifi network.
ok..i will try that....i dont like the suggestion from previous poster that you mentioned at the end as well..i am a very forgetful person and right now my wifi is set to automatically connect when i am at home or if i disable data and then leave to go home...i will not have use of data which i may need...and i will likely forget to reconnect.

i wanted an app solution. i will go into the settings and do as you say. but i must ask...shouldnt the app have this?

you say that the app should use my wifi if i have at for example work..well i do have wifi at work...and i during a day use no data in my mgr surfing the net...but after 3 days of using the tunein data mgr warned me i was going to exceed my mthly data allowance and i freaked out. i have never gone near a gb in a mth as i only use my phone features primarily at home or work where i have wifi in both places.
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