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Originally Posted by rfkrocktk View Post
This is coming from someone who bought the Nexus One. The Nexus One was revolutionary, the Nexus S was revolutionary in its own way, and the Galaxy Nexus changed all of that. However, why is everyone interested in the Nexus 4?

The Nexus One was arguably the first game-changing open Android phone. The Nexus S brought us NFC. The Galaxy Nexus brought us a huge 720p display, LTE, etc. What does the Nexus 4 bring us and what's the hype?

It lacks LTE. It lacks a microSD card. By all means except software (the inclusion of 4.2), it seems to be a step backwards. My Galaxy S3 runs the latest CM10 build, has NFC, LTE, a microSD card slot, a huge gorgeous SuperAMOLED display, decent battery life, and more. Why is the Nexus 4 so much better than that?

Can someone please explain the hype behind this phone to me?
Quad-core is a step backward? Not sure I understand that, but OK, that's your opinion and I respect that.

LTE? Don't care. Have an EVO 4G (WiMax, not LTE obviously) and keep "4G" off most of the time - sucks battery and my 3G speeds are fine. The HSPA+ 42 speeds of the N4 on T-Mobile (in the right markets, and I live in one) are considerably better.

No removable SD card? Again, don't care. Have 16GB card in my EVO with ~8GB free, getting by just fine. Would I *like* a removable SD card? Sure - just because. Has my usage pattern told me I *need* one - no, just the opposite.

$349 (16GB) for an unlocked phone is a step backward? Again, your opinion and I have to respect that. I happen to disagree. I'd rather have an unlocked GSM phone that I can go pretty much anywhere they have cell phone service in the world and get SIM cards as needed while drastically reducing what I would be paying for an on-contract phone.

Plus better display, JellyBean (and future updates), gorilla glass, etc. You are happy with your S3 - good, you should be, it's a great phone. If you've been able to obtain that phone at a good price and have a reasonable plan with your carrier, good for you. Some of us are interested in having the latest software, on a phone with good specs at a good price, without any carrier lock-in. That's what's great about free will - we all get to make choices. You've made yours, I've made mine. N4 for me.
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