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I'm currently selling my Verizon 32gb GS3 in order to get the Nexus on tMo prepaid because:

When I'm at work, I get ZERO service, so my S3 battery gets destroyed searching for service and I can't make or receive phone calls. (my co-workers have tMO and get service just fine)

When I'm out and about, my S3 searches for 4G LTE so my battery gets destroyed.
I don't carry a spare battery with me, never have. I came from iPhone's and a battery is one more thing I don't want to carry around.

I want to be able to make phone calls without being told I sound like I'm on the opposite end of a very long tunnel.

I'm tired of all the wakelocks (maybe this is an Android thing but I've grown angry at this particular Samsung phone...)

I want to be able to see my screen when I'm outside.

My Verizon S3 is not rooted. Touchwiz is garbage, Verizon is going to be the last carrier to update to JellyBean and the way they handle wifi in the pulldown is just atrocious. Plus, bloatware.

I want iOS-like immediate updates.

I want iPhone/HTC-like build quality.

A year after release, I'd rather have a Galaxy Nexus-type situation rather than a SG2-type situation.

Same gb of RAM, two extra cores for a much cheaper unlocked price.

I too benefit from the HSPA+ 42 location and won't miss Verizon's spotty 4G LTE

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