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Originally Posted by NYCHitman1 View Post
There actually is capability for LTE on-board, but it is disabled.
This is not true. Yes there is an LTE chip but thats only because the Optimus G has LTE and thats what this phone is based off of. The phone is lacking the proper LTE radios and other essential hardware that is needed for LTE to work properly. Google isn't going to make an LTE nexus 4 for VZW or Sprint. They have stated that it was a horrible experience for both users and Google themselves. Verizon was notorious for blocking updates to GNexus phones and it made it very difficult for google to keep their promises to all of the people who owned the phone when it came to new OS updates.

Originally Posted by NYCHitman1 View Post
I don't see it as a step backwards at all. The truth is that some of the things you listed (which are seemingly important to you) do not matter to many folks. I can survive w/o expandable storage, and I like the HD IPS+ display more than I like SAMOLED.
I agree with you on all of these points. While I do think that there should of been a 16 and 32 GB versions of the phone instead of 8 and 16GB, 16GB is plenty especially if you get in the habit of using cloud storage and other tools that are available for use.

But I think that what it really boils down to is that people want the latest and greatest tech and the nexus 4 is ne exception. I too am very excited about getting all the new updates to teh Android OS. I have a 16GB nexus 7 and I cant begin to describe to you the feeling I got when I saw the notification that I had a system update ready for me for 4.2 JellyBean.. I'll be honest, I giggled like a little school girl.
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