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Default What is it with reviews of the iPhone vs Android... biased much??

I've been watching a few comparison reviews of android phones against the iPhone 4s, etc. ie. the HTC One X, the Samsung GSIII vs the iPhone 4s etc. And I hear things like "the android phone has superior processing power, graphics power, resolution, color fidelity, sound, customizability, tons more software-based features.... uh, but the iPhone wins this round!".

WHAT THE Fudge???! Who's paying you people, exactly?! I just heard you describe the android phone as superior in nearly every way, but the winner always seems to be the iPhone?! And the reasons given for them concluding the iPhone wins is really a stretch! Such as saying that, although you can do 10,000 more things with the Android OS, it's "too confusing" and the iPhone OS wins because it's so simple.

Well... what's so "useable" about screen after screen of icons, all in a mish mash jumble, when you don't even begin to know the names of the programs you need, or what they do? After all, it's only fairly recently you could put icons in folders on the iPhone! But even then, all you get is screen after screen of folders! Not so easy to find programs you need the most, if you have to go fishing through folders to find them. You can't even put a darn clock on the home screen! Most people, when they pick up their phone, want to see the time! Or weather! Especially since they are using their phones in lieu of watches these days!

What these strange reviews don't detail, is the fact that you can change an android phone to look and work (if not feel) remarkably like an iPhone, using 3rd party apps like Espier launcher, etc. So the iPhone isn't even an advantage there. I have both, so I know what their strengths and weaknesses are... I'd just like to see more honest and accurate reviews or at least, making more sense!
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