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Writers are usually paid to do certain reviews and sometimes are paid by, say Apple, to do a side by side review of their device against an Android device...things get fudged sometimes...

And the issue is, that the iPhone has such a devoted fan base that people buy the device regardless and they are sometimes so blinded by their devices abilities of what it can do that they will not even look at Android to see what it's worth, luckily with the iPhone 5 being full of flaws and not being as glamorous as many were led to believe we are getting more converts than usual.

A lot of people are also sold on what Apple is and continues to be...a great producer of new tech gadgets...I think they are finally slowing, but the thing is these writers are biased because more than likely they know the company that Apple is and believe more in it because of their past devices more than Android....

I also really think that a lot of times comparing the two is worthless, just because Android is able to run so many kinds of different UI's while Apple runs one thing, there are so many, thousands, of ROM's for android and it can run them all, quite well, so i really believe that Android isn't really getting the credit it deserves.

This review is pretty S3 sided
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