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Originally Posted by sergey View Post
What do you guys use your tablet for?

I currently own a galaxy tab 10.1 rooted with 4.1. With the big buzz surrounding the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, that got me thinking about upgrading my tablet. Which got me thinking, what do I really use this for?

Really, all I do with my tablet is:
- surf the web
- watch youtube videos
- watch netflix videos
- read my kindle books
- I like games, but I'm not a hardcore gamer.
- don't use it for music either

And I feel that's about it. Everything else, I just use my phone since it's always with me.

Anybody else feel like this? Or do you see your tablet as essential as your phone?
Surf the web, bit of YouTube/Facebook and some games. Watch Breaking Bad on it and sometimes listen to a bit of music. Handy when I go on the coach down to London, as the 4 hours doesn't seem that bad then.

One of the reasons I haven't upgraded yet is that the A500 has the full sizes USB port and I've seen an app that lets you plug the tablet in to your DSLR and control it from there. Haven't bought it but, while ever I have the A500, it's a possibility.

As I've said earlier in this thread, I really get the feeling that I'm gonna jump ship soon. The A500 section on here doesn't seem to have so many active members... when I first joined, I spent all my time in the DHD section and there was always a buzz in there. There are still quite a few people in there (have been more new people recently)... think that it's quite nice to be part of a busy community... pretty sure that the N7 (or N10 for that matter) sub-forums are likely to be busy for a while to come!
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