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Honestly I'm just tired of waiting for software updates... I have an AT&T S3 with NO LTE in my area and who knows when it will actually get here and when it does its already behind a version...... My area just barely got the back hauled HSPA or what not so LTE is not an issue for me. I love the S3s hardware but I'm tired of always being one step behind AND I'm tired of skins. The touchwiz interface is decent but at least once a week I get "Touchwiz has stopped responding" message and I have to wait for it restart before I can use my phone... Not to mention bloatware that I can't get rid of.

Yeah I can root my phone, back it up, install custom roms, and then.... possibly get a stable phone that I didn't brick with all of the functions working. Why the heck do I really want to go through all of that? The whole reason I left the iOS platform was because I felt that jailbreaking my phone to get it to do what I wanted was ridiculous.

Lets face it, this phone is NOT bleeding edge, its newer tech at a great price. Designed for developers and purists at a good price. That being said I think they could have bumped the price to 399$ maybe even 450$ for an optional LTE antenna along with the 299$ models. Not to mention the fact that they can't leave the other OEMs out in the cold. They needed to make a good phone but not a perfect phone in order to keep ties with manufactures imho.
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