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Originally Posted by TnPizzaMan View Post
Ok, so more searching into this has produced something interesting. While looking up any possible way to further identify similar model phones in hopes of piecing together a root method for the H866C, I found my way to the site where a search of the FCCID number QISM866 (found under the battery of the H866C) turned up something interesting (click HERE to perform your own search for QISM866 as I was unable to link directly to the search results) apparently the H866C and the M866 have the same exact FCCID! Those more versed in such please correct me, but I assume that means they are basically the same phone.

Now I have to ask - is the root process dependant on the software or the hardware? Or both? Does the root process depend on what phone is being rooted or the carrier specfic software or a combination of these?
Proof of my prior statement.

I can quickly give you more information on the phone...

From "About Phone":
Model: H866C
Android version: 2.3.6
Baseband version: 109808
Kernel version: android@localhost #1
From inside the battery area:
Tracfone Wireless, INC.
Model: Huawei H866C
Date: 15-09-2012
Part No.: GPHUH866CB
It is sold in the store as "Huawei Ascend Y100".
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