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Originally Posted by rfkrocktk View Post
this is coming from someone who bought the nexus one. The nexus one was revolutionary, the nexus s was revolutionary in its own way, and the galaxy nexus changed all of that. However, why is everyone interested in the nexus 4?

The nexus one was arguably the first game-changing open android phone. The nexus s brought us nfc. The galaxy nexus brought us a huge 720p display, lte, etc. What does the nexus 4 bring us and what's the hype?

It lacks lte. It lacks a microsd card. By all means except software (the inclusion of 4.2), it seems to be a step backwards. My galaxy s3 runs the latest cm10 build, has nfc, lte, a microsd card slot, a huge gorgeous superamoled display, decent battery life, and more. Why is the nexus 4 so much better than that?

Can someone please explain the hype behind this phone to me?
slcd2 >>>>>> amoled
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