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Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
Engadget readers, what do you think of their new site?
I'm generally fed up with their writers and the comment system is an abomination (not that Disquis is that much better).
I've boycotted Engadget ever since they had that sorry excuse of an article comparing camera phones. They made the best camera phone at the time (Nokia N8) take the worse pictures. It wasn't even close how bad the N8 pictures were compared to the iP4, SGS 1 and others.

I checked the site and it seems faster than the old one.

Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
I have a BT Zagg keyboard for my N7. Not the perfect solution but works quite well. Not a huge fan of typing on large screens since I have small thumbs.
Wasn't able to use ICS on my 10.1, but their interface on honeycomb wasn't terribly intrusive.
I'm not a fan of typing on any screen. That is why I got the Transformer with a keyboard dock. The keyboard is only 90% of the size of a regular one. It took me about a month to get used to the size. I can type on the keyboard dock about 90% the speed of a full size keyboard.

I tried the Windows Surface tablets. I really like the type cover on those. It feels just like a real keyboard. The only thing is you cannot turn off the touch pad like you can on the Transformer. While I was typing on the Surface type cover, I kept hitting the touch pad causing the cursor to jump to a new location. Very annoying.

Originally Posted by sergey View Post
What do you guys use your tablet for?

I currently own a galaxy tab 10.1 rooted with 4.1. With the big buzz surrounding the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, that got me thinking about upgrading my tablet. Which got me thinking, what do I really use this for?

Really, all I do with my tablet is:
- surf the web
- watch youtube videos
- watch netflix videos
- read my kindle books
- I like games, but I'm not a hardcore gamer.
- don't use it for music either

And I feel that's about it. Everything else, I just use my phone since it's always with me.

Anybody else feel like this? Or do you see your tablet as essential as your phone?
For me is surf, emails, social networks, and Netflix. I hardly play games on it or on my phone. I manage my music on my PC and copy it to my phone. I also like the fact that can hook my tablet up to my TV and watch Netflix on a larger screen. I also use my tablet as a poker timer for my home games. I hook it up to the TV for this as well.
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