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Originally Posted by Kamau View Post
But that's in a best case senerio. What if someone is using torrents, downloading from porn sites, and grabbing apk's from anyplace on the web.
Also, my concern is basically not for the phone, but for the pc they may connect it too. That is why even though I'd love to root my phone, I can't. My home was broken into not too long ago and we lost our computers. I would love to use my friends pc to root my phone, but their on-line habits tell me not gonna happen because of what I could be putting into my phone, only to have it transferred to any new pc I get when I connect my phone to it.
Bottom line, some need it and some don't. I know that most of the hype of viruses/malware is just that.... Hype. But I also know that not everyone is careful or diligent. As I said, it is basically up to the individual.

Uh, from what you are saying, its just reinforcing what we are saying. Get apps only from official Appstores, don't torrent movies or music and there won't be any problem. Mostly people torrent and download from alternative sources to pirate stuff. Simply put, if you are referring to pirates, then they should stop, and its the risk they have to put up with for not paying up.
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