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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
I have an ipad three, but only because the 'iPad-killer' Kindle Fire can't play certain games well or at all (Sims freeplay crashes to desktop, pinball arcade is in grainy low res mode) and android still has typing lag that makes long posts impossible unless I fall back to my ipad 3. Since I literally hate ICS/JB so much, that counts out future android tablets post-fire for me
I don't think the Kindle Fire was ever an "iPad killer," it was too small. On my iPad I type with both hands just like a regular keyboard. I have held off replacing my iPad 2 until a 10" Nexus was released, now I can finally completely ditch apple after the holidays when I have the money to buy the Nexus 10.

BTW, there is zero lag on the Nexus 4, and that includes typing
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