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Originally Posted by chanchan05 View Post
I may have been misinterpreted. I forgot that Lenovo, Acer and HTC were Chinese.
FYI Acer and HTC are Taiwanese(ROC), not Mainland China(PRC).

Originally Posted by chanchan05 View Post
But anyway, the other brands like Huawei and ZTE aren't really well known outside China.
I thought they were very well known outside of China. We even have forums on AF for the ZTE Blade, Engage, Flash, etc. Same with the Huawei Ascend, etc. ZTE and Huawei(both Chinese) have a huge international telecoms presence, with phones, 3G modems, plant, switching, transmission, etc. In fact apparently the US Govt. isn't too happy about it.

Originally Posted by chanchan05 View Post
I was referring to the cheaper brands. But then, i don't see those brands like Meizu sporting innovations like multi-window and stuff. Plus, they have to price aggressively otherwise they won't make it in the market. I know for sure that apple is severely over priced, and to some extent HTC and Samsung, but not to the same level, especially since they offer services that other cheaper manufacturers don't. Samsung Dive is an example.
The cheapo unknown brands is what you normally see on Ebay and sold by Chinese wholesalers, That have no official distribution and support channels outside of China, and they often don't have much support inside of China either.

Isn't multi-windowing something that's only happened with 4.1 and 4.2? - a feature of the Android OS? I don't think Huawei and ZTE are pricing their phones aggressively outside of China, AFAICT they can just as expensive their Taiwanese and Korean counterparts in the UK.

Lenovo doesn't do much with cell-phones outside of Asia, but everyone knows their PCs and laptops of course(they bought IBM's PC division). Lenovo does offer a cloud storage service for their Android phones, similar to Samsung Dive.

We used to laugh at Japanese cars...we don't now.
We used to laugh at Korean cars...we don't now.
We laugh at Chinese cars.....

Same thing goes for tech.
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