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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
That's filesystems plural. Linux has its own ext[1,2,3,4] filesystems, and it supports 3rd party filesystems like ReiserFS, IBM's JFS, SGI's XFS (my favorite), NTFS...the list is very long. Linux' rich support for other OS / legacy filesystems is another thing to recommend it.

Although Windows NT came with pluggable filesystem support, I don't know of any 3rd party filesystems that were ever developed for Windows NT-Windows 8 that could be used instead of FAT/NTFS. NTFS is OK, but it's a real waste of the VFS layer without any 3rd party filesystems to use.
True, I was actually referring (likely incorrectly) to the hierarchy of the files... / /etc /opt /var /home et. al.

I tend to stick with ext3 for the most part.
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