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Originally Posted by Liamo_210 View Post
YE thats pretty much what i use my tab for. i also use it for work but it is in no way as essential as my phone but that dosnt mean you shouldnt get a new one as the better the tab you have the more possibilities. Know im convincing myself to get a new one.
OK, I'm glad that there are other people that use the tablet like me. Over the past few days I too have been convincing myself to get a new tablet too. Initially my knee-jerk reaction was the Nexus 10. Done. But then I started reading about the Kindle Fire HD and call me crazy, but I'm beginning to think that this is the best tablet out there for me.

- The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 undercuts the Nexus 10. The 32GB KFHD is cheaper than the 16GB Nexus 10.

- The KFHD does everything I do on my tablet.

- You can't beat the KFHD in terms of content. You have more access to Amazon content on the Kindle- namely the videos and magazines.

- The focus of the Kindle Fire HD is so narrow that it is future proofed in a funny way. When the next great tablet comes out with Android 5.0, it will make other tablets look outdated. With a KFHD- google now, lock screen widgets, dont matter. As long as the tablet can surf the web, watch video, and read books/magazines, it's good. Even if the next gen KFHD allows Google Play and widgets- big deal, I have it on my phone and play with those apps.

- There is less of an overlap with my phone- this is a problem I noticed with my iPhone/iPad combo and my Samsung GS3/GT10.1 combo now. The KFHD will be the go to device for content consumption. It won't be a wi-fi only S3 with a bigger screen and all the same apps on it.

- Locked down? Yes. But you can sideload apps and root it

Now the problem is that I got an e-mail today saying one of my credit cards has $345 that I can use at Amazon for anything...
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