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Originally Posted by MeepMeepChu View Post
... Windows dominates because windows dominates. That is the only reason beyond that giant government grant that enabled them to put a computer "in every home." It has nothing to do with being superior in any aspect, and everything to do with pork. Frankly, it's considered "easier to use" by most people because they were taught to use windows first. It's just like most people who grew up speaking English can't believe that it's the world's second most difficult language to learn.

I've argued this before but I will again. You are correct that Windows is made easier by the fact that everyone is taught that by default.

However, I am willing to wager that if you took a child (or adult) that had no exposure to computer technology, windows would be easier to teach than Linux.

In windows, want to install a program? Easy, there is one way to do it. Until Linux can do this, there is no way it will be easier to use.

As an administrator of both and having a preference towards Linux, I am not biased in saying this, but Windows is easier to teach. Windows is easier to learn. Windows is more user friendly in a corporate environment.
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