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Default ANDROID FAMILY THANKSGIVING 2012: How Many Are Thankful Today?

HMM looks like a nother thread already going. Maybe we can change this to a "SHOW OFF YOUR THANKSGIVING DINNER (with pics)" or something!

Lets see how many are thankful today if their names show up in the (cough)..."Thanks" box below with "TODAYS DATE"...

Names that doesnt meet the 11/22/2012 date will have a 1-day grace period.. all others names turned over to the Righteous Reverend Decon Judge and Pastor Cleofis Earl Brown fer some preech'n.

Reverend Decon Judge Pastor Jimmy Joe Jimbob Earl Lee-Roy Righteous Brown says "Its Time To Separate The Thankful From The "Likes" (facebook that is...)


The Android Family
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2nd from Left: My brother Rico-III...(He think he's Paully Shore)
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5th In a Marge Hairdo: Thats my mom Rica! Aint she preety
6th In Diaper: Baby Clementine - the odd one of the family
7th Shortest one: Gramps Rico from the Island
8th Taking Picture: Uncle Rico (he starred in a Napoleon Dynamite movie)
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