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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
I was taking this topic as one of the "oh this guy likes apple and hates android so he's a fanboy" threads, so if I took it wrong my apologies. It does seem that should any critic prefer iOS over Android, that android fans call shenanigans almost harmoniously, and never see the reverse of their own views being no different. (Apple rocks, android sucks, android rocks, apple sucks)
Fans of any product will do this if a review likes a competing product. It is not limited to Android fans.

Originally Posted by chanchan05 View Post
You should take a look at engadget and see what the OP is talking about. On one side they crap on Android tablets for having non removable batteries but praise iPads for having the same thing. Among other inconsistencies that point to biased fanboyism.
I have no confidence in Engadget to do a proper assessment of any product ever since their camera phone review over a year ago. They made one of the best camera phones at the time (Nokia N8) take absolutely horrible pictures compared to every other phone they compared it to. By horrible, I mean not even close. I have boycotted Engadget ever since as they have lost my confidence.
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