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Originally Posted by htc_desire_ View Post
Hi Kingcedz,
Do you have any further update/comments to make on your experience on Samsung vis-a-vis the HTC? A qualitative feedback on what you feel is good/bad in Samsung/HTC would be very useful.

Have you used ZTE/Huawei/Newman/Lenovo to make a first-hand comparison?

Many thanks
The custom UI between Samsung and HTC is pretty much a personal choice. HTC Desire V is very easy to root, but Samsung S DUOS has European warranty. I personally find the Galaxy stands out to be the better phone. The software is better adapted and overall experience is very good. And it's on path to be upgraded OTA to Jelly bean soon. The battery is outstanding.

I have used the U960 and Lenovo A60 before, as well as Motorola XT532. In my opinion all three are not as good as the HTC Desire V or Galaxy S DUOS simply because their software is too outdated and not optimized for ICS/Jelly Bean.

ZTE seems to have better dual sim features, but honestly I don't particularly find the so call Dual Sim Full Active functions useful as the change of me getting two calls simultaneously is very small, and when that happens I still have voicemail features on both of my numbers anyway. Running 2 radio at once also drains the battery quickly too.
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