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Originally Posted by DILands View Post
Here's the deal - not a huge HTC fan (had the TBolt - and was the primary reason I got the SIII).

Between the 2 manufactures - IMHO - there is no comparison in build quality - HTC wins by a landslide. I'm actually really enjoying the SGIII - except (I can live with the build quality) is that the radio quality isn't up to what I really need (it pretty much is all over the place at work).

There's no question - the lack of expandable memory, and no replacement battery are 2 strikes against the DNA. I've seen a couple reviews (one here) that are very positive about the radios in Philly) where I work.

Does anyone know how the radios in the Note 2 stack up compared to the S3??

If your talking Verizon, we need to wait for release, cause Verizon radios seem to suck the most, most likely due to the fact that Verizon spends more time locking and branding these Samsung than trying to make perfect radios, maybe some is Samsung but Verizon is the biggest blame.
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