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Originally Posted by wrau1 View Post
I've never had any problems with my Triumph or Virgin Mobile. Maybe it's because their towers are near me (which I have no clue) or I just have great luck but I love my plan and really like the Triumph. My gf is an accountant for Target so I get a discount on my Top-Up cards, paying $40/month for 1200mins and unlimited everything else w/ insurance (which works well, broke my phone once already and they shipped a new one the next day) seems pretty good to me.

Only reason I'm thinking of replacing my Triumph is because the Evo is such a good deal and I want a better camera on my phone since I have to take pictures of my work for my side jobs. That and my gf's phone is pretty old but still runs fine.

I like VM and will look to stay with them.
I hate them i get horrible service with vm and i can see the tower from my house, Best you can manage is 1 meg down on a good day average is 300kbs, triumph is an extremely buggy phone(custom roms on here are the only thing that make it bearable) texts some times don't come in same with calls. the only high point is the $25 dollar price point but i think they over charge even at that price for what you get. If you do any traveling you might as well leave your phone at home half the time you don't have service, Trying to use the web on there network is a joke, I don't even bother any more. youtube whats that, oh wait you are talking about that video service that does nothing but constantly buffer on the vm network.... There are so many better options out there with 20x faster data for hardly any more money maybe when Sprint upgrades the towers they have it will be decent but they went with wimax and then changed their mind after doing a few cities so it is there customers who pay for it with data speeds that were rocking in the 90's
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